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Meet Hajrah Azhar


I am Hajrah Azhar. I help sellers like you optimize their listings to succeed on Seller Central. I’ve created a layered strategy using proven tactics to manage your PPC. — so, you can stop worrying about Amazon and start focusing on your business.

Amazon PPC
Listing Audit
Product Research
Content Creation

How I Help You Grow sales

To help you increase your sales, I take a two-step approach. First, I drive traffic to your listings. And then boost your conversions. That’s it.

By building your PPC campaigns, developing your SEO, enhancing your designs, I’ll strengthen your brand and your performance on Seller Central. You should be seeing more traffic and revenue within just a few months.


My 3-Parts Process


See How I've Helped Skyrocket Sales

Amazon Account Audit

Benefits of My Service:

Amazon EBC/ A+ content

  • Enhanced brand content, now called A+ Content, has been proven to catch the attention of potential customers and increase conversion rates.
  • With professionally designed content, you can give your listings a boost.
  • Your traffic will also increase when you adding A+ content, thanks to keywords in the text and behind each photo’s alt text.


To achieve the client’s goal, Thrive focused on two core strategies: 1) search engine optimization (SEO), 2) pay-per-click (PPC) marketing . Using these tactics, we positioned 50 percent of their keywords on the top 5 keyword rankings and delivered an 100 percent increase in total traffic and a 1500 percent increase in sales leads.

Amazon Listing Audit


 Listing analysis can help you fix all the mistakes that are holding back your sales and conversions



To reach the goals set by seller, we formulated a strategy that focused on increasing sales of the top-performing SKUs while building a halo effect for the rest of the product line. We leveraged Sponsored Ads to generate momentum for the top-selling products on Amazon.



My copywriting service can help strengthen your titles, product descriptions, bullet points, crawlable text, and image text to well-optimized listings. Highlight your product, boost sales, and be on top of the game!


My Certifications


Don’t believe me? Just see what my clients say:


Start Your Journey to Financial Independence

Starting a new business can cause even experienced business owners to be a bit hesitant in the beginning. And without experience, it can be a great struggle. But with my help, you can start your business and generate revenue without prior knowledge or experience.

Yeah, that’s right!

Get your Amazon business started, running, and ranked with my exceptional service. From getting your Amazon business started to ranking it and then keeping it going without a hitch, our services promise a full-settled business without having you lift a finger.

My trainers are included in the top Amazon experts list. I am one of the specialist trainees who got hands-on training from the two top e-commerce platforms in Pakistan, Enablers and Extreme Commerce. I am also certified by My Amazon Guy.

Here's what you'll get from me:


This is Your Chance to Build Your Dream Business

All you need is the passion for getting started and my services will lead the way!

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